The business class residential complex Marinist in Vladivostok has been accredited by Sberbank.

Apartments in the residential complex under construction in the area of Sportivnaya waterfront are ready for mortgage loan registration.

Sberbank became a financial partner of Marinist by opening a credit line under project financing. Now customers can apply for a mortgage to purchase apartments with an interest rate of 9.4% per annum and an initial payment of 15% of the cost of housing, press service of Areal-Property told Information Agency PrimaMedia.

Accreditation by a state bank of the object in the course of construction is a significant factor, the presence of which increases the reliability of the object. Buyers wishing to purchase an apartment in a residential complex accredited by Sberbank can apply for a mortgage without providing full documentation on the new building and the developer, which greatly simplifies the procedure for lending. Sberbank, the country's largest bank, is by far the leader in terms of the volume of mortgage loans issued.

The developer of the project is the company Areal-Property, a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok. A high financial reliability of the project was confirmed by experts of PJSC Sberbank, who acted as an official financial partner of the RC Marinist. Sberbank has opened a credit line for the company within project financing. This means that the equity holders' funds are attracted but are not determinative for the financial model of the project. Construction will be completed on time, regardless of the pace of buying apartments.

"Sberbank accreditation is a kind of quality mark for any buyer. Before starting cooperation with the developer, the lender conducts a thorough inspection of the company and the residential complex in particular. The PJSC Sberbank experts confirmed a high financial reliability of the project and act as an official financial partner of the RC Marinist”, noted the Director General of Areal-Property LLC Alexander Shmidt.

Marinist is a business class residential complex in the area of Sportivnaya waterfront. It is four buildings from 11 to 18 floors high united by a common stylobate.

Marinist is growing every day. Ground floors have been built in three buildings; in the fourth building, the builders are working on the construction of a foundation pit, and also continue to raise the construction of foundations and columns for future parking.

We remind that the price per square meter at this stage of construction starts at 128 105 rubles. You can learn more and apply for a loan at the RC Marinist sales office, as well as by phone +7 (423) 202-53-00.

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