Construction of the business class residential complex Marinist actively continues in Primorye.

Construction of the first in Vladivostok residential complex of business class Marinist actively continues in the capital of Primorye despite the set in cold. Every day, with the forces of qualified builders, surveyors and designers, the number of storeys of the future houses of business class is growing, and construction of the parking lot is in full swing. Information Agency PrimaMedia offers its readers to visit the site of a unique project together and follow the progress of the works.

Despite the fact that a real winter has already come to the city, the cold is not a hindrance for the construction. When the thermometer drops below zero, a concrete mix with antifreeze admixtures is used in the construction works. This helps to avoid overfreezing of concrete. To ensure that frost does not damage the concrete, special heating wires are installed into the formwork, through which an electric current is supplied, and almost all work is done with the help of frost-resistant materials. Therefore, no frosts will prevent the builders from erecting high-quality concrete structures.

All the construction works at the object are performed by one of the country’s best teams that participated in the construction of facilities in Sochi and of a number of elite residential complexes throughout the country. In Vladivostok, the team represented by true masters of their craft was involved in the construction of Far Eastern Federal University, Sedanka-City shopping mall, shipbuilding complex Zvezda, the Primorsky Aquarium and the Vladivostok Circus.

– I’d like to note that the construction works are being carried out actively; we are building in full accordance with the schedule. The towers are getting taller every day. Soon, when the monoliths grow at least by a third, we will start building partitions and bringing engineering communications. The parking lot is being built intensively. The concept of “a yard without cars” will be implemented on the territory of the complex. Thanks to this, the residents will be able to enjoy a landscaped courtyard provided for walking and recreation. Only the best, modern materials and the latest technologies are used in construction of the complex. Every day dozens of specialists monitor the quality of the works. The whole complex is due to completion in the 3rd quarter of 2019, – the Director General of the Areal-Property LLC Alexander Shmidt stressed.

Alexander also noted that ventilated and translucent façades using large-size ceramic granite will be a special pride of Marinist soon. Different parts of the façade have different shape and size. The developer has provided a large number of windows, as well as an increased surface of the apartments’ glazing. Stained-glass glazing is an energy-saving, solar-protective glass with a high light-transmitting capacity and transparency.

We remind that the construction of a unique business class residential complex Marinist is carried out by a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok – the company Areal-Property. The complex is located in the heart of Vladivostok, in the area of Sportivnaya waterfront, within walking distance of the city's finest restaurants, boutiques, sports, entertainment and educational institutions.

Marinist is four buildings from 11 to 18 floors high united by a common stylobate. The residential complex is designed for 166 apartments ranging from 55 to 166 sq. meters, with a stylish design of the halls and floors. A thoughtful arrangement of load-bearing structures will allow planning the space of an apartment according to individual taste and needs, creating an interior of your dreams in a house that meets all standards of the business class. It is important that the apartments in the Marinist are of regular shape – square or rectangular, there is no loss of used space. All the apartments have many floor-to-ceiling glass panels; even the smallest apartment has five glass panels. The distinctive features of the project are the original architecture of the building with harmonious color solutions and thoughtful landscape design of the yard, free of cars.

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