User agreement

This agreement is an official document of Areal-Property LLC (PSRN 1102540004995, TIN 2540164039; hereinafter referred to as Administrator) and determines the procedure for the use of the Administrator’s website by visitors (hereinafter referred to as Visitor) and for processing of the information received by the Administrator from the Visitor.

The Agreement may be modified by the Administrator unilaterally at any time, without any special notice to the website Visitor.

In case, while the Website is used by Visitors, the Administrator is informed of any data related directly or indirectly to a defined or definable individual (hereinafter referred to as Personal data), its subsequent processing will be carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. In regard to all Personal data reported, the Visitor gives the Administrator consent to their processing. The Administrator processes the Visitor’s Personal data solely for the purpose of providing the Visitor with the functions of the Website, the posted content, marketing, advertising, and other information; in order for the Visitor to receive personalized (targeted) advertising, for research and analysis of the Visitor’s data, as well as for the purpose of offering the Visitor their products and services. In regard to all Personal data reported to the Administrator by the Visitor, the Administrator has the right to carry out collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification, distribution (including transfer to any third party, including transfer of the Personal data to third parties for storage or in case of ordering third parties to process the Personal data), elimination and other actions in accordance with the article 3 of the Federal law of 27.06.2006 No. 152-FZ “On personal data”.

The Visitor understands and agrees that providing the Administrator with any information about themselves that is not contact details and not related to the purposes designated by the Website Administrator (not related to the Administrator's activity, to the products and/or services promoted by the Administrator, to the terms of cooperation between the Administrator and the Website Visitor), as well as providing information related to state, banking and/or commercial secrets, information on racial and/or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, health, intimate life of the Website Visitor or any third party, is prohibited.

In case of the Visitor’s decision to provide the Administrator with any information (any data), the Visitor is obliged to provide solely reliable and relevant information. The Website Visitor is not entitled to mislead the Administrator regarding their identity, to report false or unreliable information about themselves.

The Administrator takes measures for the protection of the Website Visitor’s Personal data in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The Administrator does not verify the accuracy of the personal information provided by the Visitor and has no possibility to evaluate his (her) capacity.  However, the Administrator assumes that the Visitor provides reliable personal information and maintains this information up to date.

The Administrator has the right to deny the Visitor’s access to the Website or some parts of the Website.

The Visitor, in accordance with the part 1 of the article 18 of the Federal law “On advertising”, gives the Administrator a consent to receive promotional messages.

The Visitor alone is responsible to third persons for his (her) actions related to the use of the Website, including if such actions result in a violation of rights and legitimate interests of third parties, and also for non-compliance with the law when using the Website.

The Visitors use the Website at their own risk. The Website is provided on an “as is” basis. The Administrator assumes no responsibility for the Website’s compliance with the Visitor’s goals.

The Visitor may use at his (her) own risk any information and/or materials (including downloaded software, emails, any instructions and guides to action, etc.) accessed using the Website and is solely responsible for possible consequences of usage of the mentioned information and/or materials, including for damage that it may cause to the Visitor’s computer or to third parties, for loss of data or any other damage.